Lotus Skin Care Center & Medi-Spa

Lotus Skin Care Center & Medi-Spa is proud to serve the local and neighboring communities of Massapequa, NY as the only medi-spa in the area. If you are looking for a group of licensed professionals that offer numerous solutions to all of your cosmetic issues, please give us a call or stop by our office to schedule your free consultation. Our cosmeceutical medi-spa provides Massapequa with wonderful performance treatments and products that correct specific issues like discoloration, acne, wrinkles, spider veins and more.

Our skin care products and treatments

When in need of skin care products, the majority of men and women naturally make their way to the nearest drug store. With the vast array of products that are available there, there's bound to be something that could help you with your acne, skin pigmentation, wrinkles and other issues. However, did you know that the local drug store and grocery store are not licensed to carry the high performance products you need? If you are interested in excellent skin care and anti-aging products like Skinceuticals, you will need to visit a dermatologist or a licensed medi-spa like us.

Not only does Lotus Skin Care Center & Medi Spa carry the very best skin products, but our cosmetic treatments are also top-notch. Eyelash extensions are one of our favorite services. Want those celebrity eyelashes you see fluttering down the red carpet in Hollywood? We can help you get them! Whether you are interested in eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, body contouring service, laser hair removal, waxing, botox or other treatments, call us today at Lotus Skin Care Center & Medi-Spa.

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Get your Cellulite Home Care Kit now!

Get your Cellulite Home Care Kit now!

Just $79
Or learn about our Detoxification/Rejuvenation Body Cleanse for $69.00

Cellulite home care includes three products that are designed to aid in the process of cellulite removal. They may be used on their own for exfoliation, circulation and cleansing. They also help maximize results when used between Contour Wraps in a series. Kit includes:

  • M’lis Buff Body Scrub: an enzymatic exfoliation to be used 3 times a week that will aid in stimulating the metabolism of the skin by removing of dead skin cells, dilating capillaries, and enabling nutrients to get to cells.
  • Cell-U-Rid: an herbal formulation that helps soften and break down cellulite through increased circulation and reduced water retention while appeasing the appetite naturally.
  • Maintain: a mild form of the spa-strength Contour Cream that is used at home on cellulite prone areas to stimulate circulation and continue the contour process on a daily basis.