Secret RF is an innovative fractional radio frequency (RF) microneedling system for tissue coagulation and hemostasis designed to stimulate and remodel collagen from the inside out. Secret RF delivers precise, controlled energy (radio frequency based on heat) at various depths to target patients' most common skin concerns on the face and body with little to no downtime.

$2250 ($750 a session) need 3 sessions, 3 treatments 30 days apart

Two sizes of treatment tips - 25 and 64 pin - give you customizable options for treating the face and body with precision and efficiency.

What this means is because the system uses needles and heat, it is giving a much better result than traditional microneedling which uses needles alone. As a result, patients will see an incredible improvement in their lines, wrinkles, scars of any type, acne scars, saggy or loose
skin, and even stretch marks!

This treatment uses microneedles to deliver fractional Radio Frequency (RF) energy into different layers of the skin, including the deeper layers where treatment is most effective. This unique delivery of energy allows us to achieve optimal results on all skin types.

Secret RF is an easy, safe, and effective anti-aging procedure that can be performed in a quick, 20-minute treatment session. To achieve the optimal effect, 3-4 treatments are recommended. 'You'll start to notice results after your second treatment, but optimal results appear 3 months after the last treatment.