Put Spider and Varicose Veins in Their Place

Put Spider and Varicose Veins in Their Place

Book a sclerotherapy session in Massapequa, NY

If you’d like to use a more traditional method of vein removal, consider sclerotherapy. Lotus Skin Care & Medi-Spa is proud to staff licensed and experienced health care professionals. Our mission is to boost your confidence and reduce the presence of skin blemishes. Contact us at 516-798-0200 to schedule a consultation at our Massapequa spa. Interested in skin bleaching or a massage? Be sure to ask about our current specials.

Say goodbye to veins – sclerotherapy is the smart choice

Here’s what will happen during your sclerotherapy session:

• Our medi-spa experts will inject a chemical solution into spider or varicose veins

• This solution will gradually break down the lining of the blood vessels within each vein

• Eventually, a clot will form – preventing blood from circulating within the vein

• As a result, your veins will disappear

Sclerotherapy has medical and cosmetic benefits. Don’t allow your legs to swell or bruise – call 516-798-0200 to plan your treatment today.